Saturday, September 8, 2012

LiL Boys

I am about as girly as they come. I make jewelry for a living.  I LOVE dressing up and doing my hair and makeup in funky ways. I have loads of fairy books and butterfly paintings all over my house. I have spent countless hours watching different nail polishing tutorials on you tube (I know! they are just so addicting to me! Ha! :)) Needless to say raising lil boys has been quite the learning experience for me.

For instance, when I was lil there were lots of tea parties and dress up. Now its all pretend fighting and super heros...

I use to spend hours upon hours playing barbies with my sister. Now it's endless hours of legos...

 This new adventure into boyhood has opened my eyes to a whole new world that I have never experienced before. Full of super fast cars that go vrooom erkkkkk bammm booosh!  In depth talks about butts, farts, and poopy, the word I hear about 100 times a day. Constant renforcement that pee pee goes IN the towel NOT on or around it! Grosses thing ever = a 4 yr old boys toilet.
The worlds of Transformers, your friendly neighborhood Spiderman, Thomas the Train, and my personal favorite Lightning McQueen.  

Boyhood its turning out to be a rather messy and quite smelly place. Really, 4 years old and his shoes/feet already smell like moldy fish! I didn't think that started till the teenage years. Sheeesh!!

Oh, but I do love it. There is nothing quite as sweet as when your lil man tells you that your the most beautiful girl ever or that he will take care of you and drive you around when he is older. Ha! That will be nice and a little scary :)  Oh, my heart melts for my sweet lil boys.

Sometimes, though, a girl just needs a baby, pink fairy wings and tutu to put her soul at ease.