Monday, November 29, 2010

The colors of FALL

FALL what a wonder time of year. For a person who thrives on the enjoyment of colors, this season is an oh so close second behind springtime (nothing can beat a garden full of flowers, every color of the rainbow). I LOVE living in a town where you get to feel and see the seasons in all their glory for months not weeks at a time, I heart Georgia You will also notice that I figured out how to change the font 
color, Yipee!!!

I've been a bit lazy about this here blog of mine and I do apologize to the one person who reads it.
yes, you jenny :)
For me to even have a blog is a HUGE triumph, because I am, in nature, a very private person. Its hard for me to let the whole interwebular world into my little life of fantasy and love. I am trying to be more open with my thoughts and ideas, because I do love getting feedback and lets be honest the only way to get that is to share my mind.
So, whats been rolling through my noodle lately...well.... colors (of course)
These are some luscious turquoise slices that I recently got laying on a bed of 
perfectly fallen autumn leaves :)
I must also share in the wonderful show I got to see today with KTH. Most of you fellow ATLiens have heard that many of Salvador Dali's later paintings are on exhibit at the High, well I got to SEE them and OOoOO how I wish I could have touched them.

When I was at the Da Vinci show last fall, I was looking at this relief carving of his of the virgin mary, and out of nowhere I reached my hand up and caressed the cheek of the virgin mary. Just as that happened there was a gasp from the people standing behind me, and I got scolded by an old lady who very rudely said, "What do you think you're doing, this is a piece of history." I was sooo embarrassed. What on earth was I thinking!!! Everyone knows you should never ever touch a piece of art let alone one from the 13th century. I learned my lesson and I consciously kept my hands clutched tight in my jean pockets the whole time I was at the Dali show :)

Dali is entrancing, his work is so unusual, colorful,detailed,symbolic, and mathematical, the last of which I had no idea about. KTH is a lover of the math/science world, which I am not that big a part of. Anyway, he was able to tell and show me how Dali used different logarithmic equations in his work, it is quite impressive. I just love how different KTH's brain sees art then mine, he is able to show and teach me things that I would have never thought of on my own. I like to think I do the same for him :)
This is my new favorite Dali painting, I had never seen it before today
This photo does NO justice to the beauty of the real painting.
It is amazing how small the actual painting is 12x9 inches, 
look at all the detail!!

such a silly bird

I will leave you now with some of my new jewels :))
for more click on HERE

love and life


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