Tuesday, October 26, 2010

shorts in October??!!

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE soaking up some nice hot southern sunshine, wearing almost nothing cause its just that hot, but in late October, really. It's completely throwing me off. All of the leaves are changing and turning into the most beautiful cherry reds, pumpkin oranges, and lemon drop yellows and I am wearing a tank top and cut off shorts. Oh well, the cold will come soon and I will get to wear all of my knits and layers.

So, today after I picked lil Finnigan up from school, we went to Randys Pumpkin Patch. We were the only ones there and the owner let us play with all the animals (bunnies, chickies (i miss my chicks), and ponies) for free. They were charging $3 per person per each animal group and the ponies were $5, CraZY!

Finn had a blast, I think the bunnies were his fave. We both felt really bad for the ponies, you could just see it in their eyes...sadness. Horses are suppose to run like the wind out in open land, not be chained to a rail and walk in circles for hours on end. Needless to say we didn't go for the pony rides. I asked Finn if he wanted too, desperately hoping he would say no and he said, "Mama they look sad I want to take dat stuff off dem." He is such an old soul :)

the poor lil bunnies eyes look like they are gonna
pop right out of it's head :)

this one was straight chillin'

the one we finally agreed on :)
and a lil spider I made

here is a closer look at my spider
He is COMPLETELY handmade with silver (thats been oxidized) and
a green amber. 

Here is a sneek peek of some stuff I am going to put in my etsy shop one of these days :)

silver, brass with a homemade patina and
an oh so lovely tigers eye mined in Australia
silver, tigers eye also from Australia
and a raw quartz
silver that has been oxidized and raw quartz

I will leave with with my love

Until next time.........................

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