Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Signs of spring!?

The weather has been simply gorgeous down here in the south.
We have been spending as much time outside, soaking up
 some light sun rays and cool breezes.

Our lil garden seems to be waking up!

 Broccoli that got a lil frost bite


lil Romain leaves

Miss Frida, the local pest control :)

Little Finnigan doin what he loves to do... getting dirrrty!

I have been spending more time in the studio, trying to get ready for festival season!
   Here are some NEW pieces, soon to be in the shop....

Amazonite gemstones hanging from
oxidized sterling posts

Ring with turquoise set with Sterling and copper that
have been oxidized

Labradorite set with oxidized sterling
with matching ring...

Hope you have a wonderful week!!
OoOoo.... I have found a lovely new tea called Rooibos Tropica, yum yum



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