Tuesday, February 1, 2011

somewhere in between

I have been a lil preoccupied....with life.
Must give my apologizes to my blog, I have been neglecting you in 2011.
To make up for it, here are some photos for the blank pages of the new year.....

                        It snowed here in the south... and it was glorious! We got
trapped in our house for a few days and we just played. We walked to the store and got food and I was able to spend hours at a time in my studio, like I
said it was glorious.We tried to make snow angels, but there was a solid
layer of ice
that was hard to mold. Hence, the face...


His favorite thing to do was eat it.

Then it rained,

and we got to try out the "wob da willader" umbrella.
(thank YOU aleX...lovelovelove)

A constant reminder of the little things in life
that make it so sweet.
(he put his boots on all by himself, hehehe)


Finns watercolors

I am almost done with this one!
(this picture does NO justice to the ColOrS)

some new JEWELS for 2011
Stop by my shop...

I am finally drinking my tea...properly :)
(I just got a cutie teapot, I will take photos soon...)

go head and run WILD!!


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