Friday, October 28, 2011

Gettin' crafty with naTuRe

Yesterday was another GORGEOUS day in Georgia! One of those days that you just want to bottle up and keep tucked in a safe place. So, when your feeling blue, you can just pop open your bottle of sunshine and feel completely refreshed. :) Ya know what I mean?!

We tried to spend every moment we could soaking up those soothing sun rays, which meant a long nature walk and some outside craft time.

 This was where we took our nature walk. A beautiful park tucked right into the city :)

We met up with my friend V, who is 6 months preggers :)
She has such a cute lil baba belly!

This park has the COOLEST playground that was designed by an artist. It's an old one cuz I can remember playing on it when I was Finns age!

Here are some of natures goodies!

The LiL artist hard at work...

He painted ALL the pine cones pink :)

And the finished product, DunDunNaNaaaaa.....

Hope you're enjoying your lil part of nature, but remember to be kind to it!!

Have a lovely weekend!!

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