Wednesday, October 26, 2011

LiL RituaLs

The other day, Finn and I took a walk to the park, right behind our house. We go ALOT and Finn has a few little rituals that we follow EVERY time we go.
First, he doesn't walk down the stairs, he runs full speed down the steep hill with me yelling, "EeeeeK.. please be careful!!" Then we go to the second (not the first) baseball field and he climbs up the steep ladder to the score booth and plays in there while I stand below and yell, "EeeeeK... be careful up there, don't fall!!"

 We make our way onto the baseball field and he runs all the bases while I chase after him. We do this at least 5 times, depending on how energetic I'm feeling. Then, he runs up the stairs of the concession stand, knocks on the door(there is never anyone there), and runs down. Why? you ask, I wonder that same thing every time he does it. His response, " It feels good Mama, you wanna try?" Sure why not. :)

We make our way down to the pond where we spend lots of time feeding the ducks and geese. When the ducks have had enough of whatever stale food was in our cupboards, we make our way across the bridge where there is a hidden geo-cache. 
Without fail EVERY time he says, "Oh I wonder where the treasure(geo-cache) is?!" He finds the treasure, likes it's the first time he has ever seen it, it's a piece of paper with peoples names on it. He gets super excited and asks me if he can write his name on it and I show him that it's already there and we make our way to the playground, which is in the woods. 

One day I made the mistake of asking, "Hey, you wanna go on this different trail to the playground. It looks really cool." He looked at me like I just told him to eat a plate full of rolly pollies and said, " NO mama we have to go this way, because this is the right way." All I gotta say is, he's lucky I am so laid back. :)

Is there something that you do that HAS to be done the same way EVERY time, or it just doesn't feel right??
I think rituals are a part of human nature, something connecting us to our past. Keeping us grounded and true to our original beings. I like that my little old soul has rituals of his own and doesn't even know it.

Hope yaLL have a dreamy night :)

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