Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gobble Gobble

The people I am MoST thankful for...

 my beautiful lil wild thing

my lil family :) I am kinda jealous I'm not in this picture

and my lil bun, we are all so excited to meet you :)

Here are some of the wonderful family(some by blood and some by heart) I get to spend every ThanKsGiVinG with...

the master (my dad) working hard at his craft :)

the kitchen QueeNs (Mama and Mary Martha)

love birds  (note her lovely earrings made by me :))

my sis and some of the kiddies (Ha! I just noticed C is giving herself bunny ears, silly girL)

And the cutie pies that never let us finish dinner in peace...

The QueeN
I may never have a little girl to call my own, so for now, I just pretend she's mine :)

Lan and the AmazBubbLEs

Ole Cheese BaLL

sweet sweet C and K

just like his mama :)

Peace to you and yours this holiday season :)


  1. Thanks!! LiL Rowan Grey is coming in ApriL :)
    I am SOoOoO excited for another lil one to love on :) Aren't you expecting another lil one too?!