Sunday, November 27, 2011

New JeWeLS!!

Do you remember THIS POST??

Here are some of the pictures of the "in progress" jewels with the finished product!

Left: the unfinished silver ring and original drawing
Right: the finished "violet rose" ring that has been oxidized and set with a creamy lavender chalcedony!

Top Left: some doodles and designs with all of the unset stones.
Top Right: finished "moon pie" necklace with a set carved buffalo face and trillion cut lavender Chalcedony.
Bottom Left: finished "lavender rose" necklace with some beautiful metal swirls and a set blue lace agate tongue!
Bottom Right: finished "swirl breezes" necklace with some romantically delicate metal work, a BEAUTIFUL set sea foam green/blue druzy Chalcedony, and a lil rainbow moonstone drop!

You can find ALL of these lovely jewels over HERE IN MY SHOP!

These are some pictures of the NEWEST jewels that I will be adding to my SHOP in the coming days!

Chalcedony druzy and Sterling Silver Ring

Carnelian and Chrysophase with a nice dark oxidized Silver.

Butterscotch Amber with a dark oxidized Silver.

 Clear raw Crystals strung on Silver

Turquoise teardrop with Silver

Patina moon with Gold-filled and a large blue Chalcedony drop

STAY TUNED!!!!!! Lots of NEW JEWELRY coming SOON!!!

Which is your favorite??
I love them ALL :)

* Do you really think it's going to snow on Tuesday??*
OooOOOo I hope SO!!!!


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