Monday, January 16, 2012

Bike RidiN'

We went on a bike ride to the park behind our house today. I was more nervous about the whole thing then Finn was. I am not the best bike rider and being 7mths preggo doesn't help the situation. I think I will leave the bike riding lessons to KTH. Still, it was nice to get outside, enjoy the beautiful weather, and do a lil exercise!

These lil legs aren't ready for the big hills, yet :)

Stopped to feed the geese and soak in some sunshine!

On Christmas day my sweet kitty, Frida, took a lil adventure away from home for 2 weeks!
She had me worried to death. I felt like someone in my family was missing, it was AWFUL!! But, thankfully she came back to us happy and healthy. It's times like this that I wish she could talk to us. I guess we will never know what happen her but I am SOooOO happy she found her way back home.

Big and GettiN BIGGER!!

Until next time....
PeAcE and HaIr gReAsE :)

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