Tuesday, January 3, 2012

While I was away

Gosh, I have been so busy lately, I didn't realized until today that I haven't posted anything (pics, comments, jewels, facebooked, blogged..) in a awhile. I am not a very reliable blogger, maybe that should be my new years resolution. I will just add that one to the ever growing list,looks like I am good on new years resolutions fo the next twenty years, hehehehe.
December is over and I must be honest I am very happy :) don't get me wrong I like the holidays and all that, it just overwhelms me. All the traveling and stressing about gifts and money, I would rather just stay in my cozy home and cuddle with my loves. But, that never happens and it seems each year gets a little more complicated, more family to visit, more people to give gifts to, and more cookies to make. Well, the cookies I don't mind :)
Here is what a lil cookie baking session looks like at our house...

And the finished product!!!! We will be giving out sugar cookies for Valentines Day gifts, seriously a ridiculous amount of cookies where made that day :)

I did the melting snowmen :)

Christmas Eve was low key at my folks house, spoiled lil Finn got to open 2 presents. I keep telling myself its okay cuz its his last Christmas being the only child :)

Finn and his sweet Papa :) 
 BTW... Papa was 3 martinis in by this picture, thats way he looks a little sleepy :)

I didn't get any of the chaos of opening presents, which is quite sad because I had 4 opportunities in 4 different places with 4 different groups of people. Yes, my child is SPOILED!!

But, here is the best present he got...
PS wait for the face he makes at the end....priceless!

As you can see my "sick lil baby" is doing very well!! Thank you LORD!! He hasn't been as bad as I imagined and we go back to the doctor this week, so hopefully we can start lowering his dosage of steriods!! Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prays, it means more then you know!!

Love to all!!
Out with the Old and In with the NEW!!!
Please be good to us 2012 :)


  1. It looks like you had a great Christmas Holiday!

  2. Thanks Jessica!! It's hard not to have fun when you a little one :)