Friday, December 16, 2011

A sick baby

So, this is what my lil Finn looked like when he woke up yesterday...

Poor thing could barely open his eyes, they were so puffy. Being the calm natured mama I am,  I just went about with the morning routine of getting breakfast ready and getting Finns stuff ready for school. I realized something was really wrong when he wouldn't get out of bed. Usually, he pops right out of bed and starts running around the house like a crazy man, screaming, "its time for schooooOoL!" I told KTH to go and check on him and we decided to call the doctor, just in case. We got him in that day. I was still thinking it was allergies or congestion. Well, turns out my lil boo is really sick!! He was diagnosed today with Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome also known as Minimal Change. We went to the kidney specialist today, they let us know that he will have to take Steroids for at least 3 mths and hopefully it will go into remission and he will grow out of it. The side effect of the steroids are not so good, especially for a 4 year old, they include, extra energy (seriouslY?! how could this kid possibly have MORE energy) , mood swings and tantrums (WonderFUL!!), getting bigger, ie getting puffy cheeks, gaining weight and an all around thicker look (that will be interesting to see), and a larger appetite (that will be a good thing, I think).

I am EXTREMELY thankful that it's not something worse and will hopefully cure itself. He seems perfectly fine, running around still acting like a lil wild thing, but I can't explain how awful it is to think that something terrible could be wrong with your baby. My stomach was in knots all day yesterday, being pregnant doesn't help.
 Note, to all mamas out there, ALWAYS call or go to the Doc. if you think there is something wrong with your kids, even the slightest symptoms could turn into something serious.

Have any of yaLL heard/know anyone to have this illness?! I am curious to see how bad the side effects are and how long they last. I don't know how many toddler tantrums this preggo mama will be able take :(  

To health and happiness!!!
Have a beautiful weekend


  1. Happy Holidays. And for the little guy, get well soon =)

    Followed the blog, hope you don’t mind. And who knows, maybe you’ll visit me someday too.

  2. Of course i din't mind :)
    Thanks for the kind words and I will go take a look at the bookness!