Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Am I gonna be 4 yet?!

My lil beauty just turned four years young!! He has been waiting for this day since he turned 3, he likes to plan ahead. :) We have been trying to keep his parties low key, just family and close friends, for now. I'm sure when he gets older and starts going to school we will invite more kids, but for now I don't want to have to stress out about planning a party that he more then likely will not even remember.

I did decorate the house, which was easy to do cuz it was already fancied up for Christmas. I just added a few streamers and balloons here and there. :)

Since there were only a few kids we decided to go somewhere really FUN!! The "Imagine It!" Children's Museum. If you are a parent you HAVE to take your kids there, at least once. It's sOoOOO fun, inexpensive, and you can spend the whole day there! (they let you bring your own food for lunch and snacks and have picnic tables to sit at) 

After the kiddos played some energy off, we went back and did the whole birthday thing at our house.

We got him an ipad for his 4th bday!! HA! JUST KIDDING :) 
He'll be lucky to get a phone when he's 15 :)
(Its his grandpas)
This kid LOvES Spiderman!!

 How cute is Cowboy Coop!!??

A wonderful, stress free birthday :)

Hope yaLL are having a LovelY DAY!!

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