Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This lil light of mine


My littlest boo. A lil ray of sunshine just for me. Gosh, I could eat him up, and lets be honest, i do! I nibble and kiss those sweet cheeks as much as he will let me.
 He has the most calm and happy sense about him. Just going with the flow, watching, learning,  playing.
He is getting to the age were is personality is really starting to shine through, and I can already tell he is gonna be just as silly and goofy as his big brother and daddy.
 I also can tell that he is going to have a bit of my personality, too. Like being a bit more reserved and easy going. Maybe, not quite as wild and emotional as his older brother, well a mama can hope, right! 
He has started walking now too, which is so fun to see. He pretty much walks everywhere, without crawling. He has kind of a drunk monkey walk, you other mamas out there know what i'm talking about, hands in the air and stumbling all over the place. So funny! 
Its nice not to have to carry him everywhere, and I can tell he is really proud of himself. Im sure he will be running soon enough, but for now I am going to enjoy my sweet little drunk monkey.


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